Welcome to the inaugural issue of Unprecedented Magazine, "Andrea is Unprecedented." Just like the inception of our brand, this edition is an homage to Andrea, a remarkable woman who embodies the spirit of pushing boundaries and defying limitations. Our world is woven with narratives - just look at the narratives that have formed the very essence of our societal structures, like religion! But I digress. Through this publication, we aim to serve as a conduit for storytelling, sharing positive energy, and celebrating the art of movement.

In addition to featuring stories that inspire and ignite passion, we have included my personal favorite running playlists. These are the very playlists that propelled me through not one, but two 100km trail events. So trust me when I say, they are absolute game-changers. Run on, keep moving, and embrace the journey with us in this inaugural issue of Unprecedented Magazine.

Meags xx

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